Using WorldCat for Interlibrary Loan

WorldCat makes interlibrary loan easy by linking together the collections of 10,000 libraries worldwide. Use it when the items you need are not available from Search@UW. Here are step by step instructions for using WorldCat to make interlibrary loan requests.

  1. Use this link: World Cat
  2. WorldCat will open. Type in the title, keyword, or author of the material you are seeking.Worldcat search example 

 3.    The keyword search "Chilean writers" retrieved over four hundred records to browse through. Results can be filtered by using the tabs provided or by using the boxes underneath the tabs. In this case, the title Chilean Writers in Exile would be an excellent request to make. Click on the title to get to the next step.

4.    Look for the "Request in ILLiad" link and select it.

Result from Search: Chilean Writers in Exile. Shows order button5.    The Illiad log in form opens. Login with your Colleges Network Username. You will be prompted to select UW Colleges and then asked for a username and password. These will be the same as if you were logging onto the campus computers.

Illiad login page. Pick UW-MWC

6.    The ILLiad form appears already filled out. Just scroll to the bottom of the form and select "Submit Request."




request form filled out for book.

Request sent button

6.    You will get a message showing that your request was successfully made. The library will send you an email when the item has arrived and is ready to pick up. Login to ILLiad to keep track of the status of your request.

Checking account to see requests