For Faculty & Staff

Library Instruction

Librarians are available to collaborate and assist with assignment design and instruction on research strategies. First Year Seminar students receive a basic introduction to the library. After completing this session, students will be ready for more focused instruction. See the Information Literacy page in the submenu for samples of the instruction modules. Because instruction sessions are tailored to your course and class assignment, we recommend one week's notice for preparation of each session.

Accommodations Testing

If a student has approached you with a documented accommodations plan, we are able to proctor their tests in the library. Specific questions about a student’s accommodations plan should be directed to Dawn Messerschmidt.

The library DOES NOT do makeup exams for students without an accommodations plan.

To schedule an exam for a student with an accommodations plan, please contact Lynnette or Sam in the library in person, by phone or by email.  We can only schedule exams during Lynnette’s scheduled hours.  Please discuss with your student what times work for him/her. When you bring the exam down to the library, there will be a proctoring request form to fill out. The exam will be put in an envelope with the form, and locked in a secure location.

When your student comes in to take their test, we will check their photo ID, take their belongings and put the student in a quiet location. When the student is finished, we will collect the exam and put it in your mailbox in the mailroom.

If a student is more than 15 minutes late for an exam, the exam will be returned to their instructor and the exam will need to be rescheduled. Students are also not permitted to reschedule exams themselves; our communication will be with the instructor for all scheduling.  This way we are all on the same page in regards to when the exam can be taken.

If our available times or procedures do not work for you, please know that students can always schedule their accommodations tests to be taken with their instructors. They are not required to use the library for their exams.

Faculty & Staff Research

While our collection supports freshman/sophomore level research, we provide support for faculty research through interlibrary loan. As part of the UW Colleges and UW System, you have access to a wide range of comprehensive databases (Lexis-Nexis, MLA, Web of name a few). Many of these databases offer full-text articles and can support advanced research. See our research guide on databases for an alphabetical listing of our offerings.

Reserves and eReserves

You may put items on reserve in the library for your students to use. This can include copies of old exams, articles, books, videos - even rock samples! Typically, items on reserve are used in the library or checked out for a short period of time. We can also help you prepare material (scan articles) for use in D2L, or even place those items in D2L for you. Remember that reserves are not for required course materials.

Copyright Assistance

Library Staff is available to answer copyright and fair use questions. In fact we encourage it.

Purchase Requests

Please let us know if there are materials you would like the library to consider for purchase in support of your classes.

Collection Development

We adhere to the principles expressed in the Collection Development Policy of the UW Colleges. Our top priority is to provide materials that directly support the freshman/sophomore instructional program. All formats are welcome.

A collection that supports teaching and learning must be regularly reviewed for its currency, relevancy, and quality. Faculty expertise is a valuable resource when the library considers materials for deselection, or weeding. Please contact Laurie Petri if you notice dated, outmoded, or discredited materials or materials in poor condition in your field of specialty. The library invites faculty members, Instructional Academic Staff, and all library users to recommend materials for the library collection. Please forward all requests to Laurie Petri