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STEM Footprint

Why are a New Building & Renovations Needed?

UW-Marshfield/Wood County has expanded educational opportunities since our campus was constructed in 1964. Our academic, technology and capacity needs have increased, while the facilities have stayed relatively the same. In order to maintain a high quality education that gives our students a competitive advantage, we need to be as innovative with our facilities as we are in the classroom. As your local University of Wisconsin, we offer access to high-quality education that would otherwise not be available to many of our residents. This project will help our local economy by meeting the needs of employers for qualified employees by graduating more adults with four-year degrees.   

STEM Project at a Glance

  • Build a 17,000 sq. ft. new STEM building and renovate the 21,167 sq. ft. existing science building. 
  • Total project cost $8 million.
  • Because the campus buildings are owned and maintained by the City of Marshfield and Wood County, the campus asked for support from both entities. We are very grateful that Wood County and the City of Marshfield have committed to invest $1M each towards this project.
  • Read more about the STEM Capital Campaign.

The UW-Marshfield/Wood County is a public-private partnership built by community leaders 50 years ago, for you and the residents of Central Wisconsin.  They knew that with a University of Wisconsin degree, area residents would have new opportunities and would enable students to succeed, raise families, and contribute to making a better world.