Campus Art Collection

Art at UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield isn't limited to the gallery. We have a rich culture of art throughout our campus - our hallways, the Hamilton Roddis Memorial Library and on our grounds.

The Founders Mural

Recognizing our journey to the campus' 50th Anniversary, visiting artist and lecturer Nate Wilson painted an amazing triptych--three canvases that together are more than 20 feet long and eight feet high.

Named "The Founders Mural," this impressive work of art recognizes the people who helped the campus become established, the community and our current students and alumni. 

The campus story begins with six men who advocated and worked to have a University of Wisconsin campus located in Marshfield.  The founders Cyril J. Marx, Kenneth Rice, Earl W. Nelson, Clarence Searles, Arnold Weber, Harry J. Wenzel, and the campus’ first dean, Norbert E. Koopman, are featured in each panel, along with the original buildings of the campus. 

Marauder Sculpture

Local artist Clyde Wynia created and donated a metal sculpture of the campus mascot: the Marauder, which stands 13.5 feet tall and weights 2,500 pounds. Wynia used mostly new metal for the sculpture, but its pedestal is an old crown from a rock crusher. The Marauder is an impressive view from afar, and upon closer look the details are just as striking with cuffed pants, chain-mail style hair, and the metal laid in a pattern on his boots.