ALEKS Placement Assessment

University of Wisconsin Colleges Mathematics Departments at UW-Barron County, UW-Marathon County, UW-Marshfield/Wood County and UW-Waukesha strongly urge all students whose initial placement from their UW Math Placement Test score is into any of MAT 090, Mat 091, Mat 103 or Mat 105 to take an additional ALEKS mathematics placement assessment.  This ALEKS assessment will more accurately place you into one of the above courses, and also allows you to work for up to six weeks to brush up and perhaps learn new material to move your math placement up one or more course levels.

  • The ALEKS placement fee is $25 and is paid online. This fee gives you access to the ALEKS Prep and Learning Module and a total of 5 attempts on the ALEKS placement assessment. It is typical that most students who spend 20 hours or so in the Learning Module will be able to move up at least one level from their UW Placement Test course placement. Thus this should be a money and time saver.
  • The ALEKS assessment and learning modules are accessed online through an internet browser by going to
  • When a student achieves an ALEKS course placement one level above their UW Math Placement, the student should send an email to their campus contact person (listed in the table below) who will facilitate your math registration in the higher level course.
  • If a student places more than one level up from his/her initial placement by doing ALEKS work and wishes to move up two or more levels, he/she will need to take one of the ALEKS assessments proctored on-campus.  In this case, contact your campus contact person to set this up.  Note that you are allowed a total of 5 placements and so moving up two levels means you would need to reserve your last ALEKS placement assessment to be done on campus.
  • Click to start your ALEKS Placement Assessment. You will need the 10 character placement cohort code for your campus which is given in the table below.


Campus 2016 ALEKS Code Campus Contact Email
UW-Barron County UYL6K-PCEY9

UW-Marathon County LXPNF-FFJDM

UW-Marshfield/Wood County XG6WW-DNTKR