Why Choose UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield?

Photo of a girl studying at UW-Marshfield/Wood County

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On top of all the great reasons to attend UW Colleges, each of the campuses stand out in their own way. Here are just a few reasons why UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield could be the U for You!

1) Live and study in a small city with plenty of amenities

UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield sits just outside of the city of Marshfield, where there's always something happening. With plenty of things to do and see like art galleries, annual festivals and the unique Jurustic Park, there’s no shortage of new experiences waiting for students.

2) Get closer to nature at the UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield Arboretum

Students can explore more than 100 acres of natural forest that serves as an example of the type of vegetation that covered Central Wisconsin thousands of years ago. What better way to take a study break or enjoy a nice day than a walk in the woods?

3) Live on campus at the Marauders Villas

With fully-furnished suites, a fitness center, flexible leases and weekly activities, the Marauder Villas is the perfect place for students who want to live on campus. Students can experience all college has to offer, make lifelong friendships and live just steps from their classes.

4) Play a college sport

Students at UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield don't have to leave the sports they love behind when they finish high school. They have the opportunity to play a college sport as part of the UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield athletic teams.

5) Be a student ambassador or take part in student government

UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield student ambassadors and student government leaders are truly the face of our institution. Students can share their knowledge and experiences on campus with prospective students and the community. 

6) Enjoy a modern campus with brand new facilities

Students at UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield enjoy modern campus buildings, and can experience a brand new facility focused on courses in science, technology, math and engineering (STEM). This state-of-the-art STEM center will give students hands-on experience in an exciting and lucrative career field.

7) Perform in the community theatre or campus musical groups

UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield offers a number of opportunities for students interested in the performing arts. The Campus Community Players, Symphonic Band and Symphony Orchestra bring together students and community members to perform in entertaining productions and concerts.

8) Receive personalized attention from faculty and staff

With a student population of around 500 students, UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield offers a private school feel at a public school price. The campus’ exceptional faculty and staff make sure every student gets the instruction, guidance and attention they deserve.

9) Pay for school with generous Foundation scholarships

Students can earn thousands of dollars in scholarships thanks to donations to the UW-Marshfield/Wood County Foundation. It’s one more way UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield makes higher education affordable.

10) Earn a bachelor’s degree through the collaborative degree program

As part of the UW System, UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield partners with schools like UW-Eau Claire, UW-Platteville, and UW-Milwaukee to provide students comprehensive four-year degree programs. Students can earn their bachelor’s degrees in engineering, nursing, organization administration or a host of other fields.