For Students

Research Assistance

Librarians are here to help you with all aspects of the research process including:

  • Figuring out research topic ideas
  • Finding background information on your topic
  • Identifying high quality, scholarly resources for your topic or project
  • Managing citations and creating bibliographies

Stop by the circulation desk during regular library hours, or schedule an appointment with a librarian.


UW-Marshfield/Wood County runs a printer management software, PaperCut, to regulate each student’s printing account. Each student printing account will be issued a $10.00 initial fee starting balance per academic term. Accounts will be reset at the start of a new Fall academic term.  Balances which remain per semester will be added to the new semester’s initial fee. Students will be charged $.10 for black & white prints and $.25 for color prints. The print driver’s will default to duplex. An individual can change their preference to print on a single sided page. Students may add dollars to their account for additional pages at the CASE desk. Purchases are non-refundable. 

Accommodations Testing

If you have a documented accommodations plan that allows for extra time, minimal distraction or another accommodation to take exams, you may take your exams in the library. Please let your instructor know that you have a plan. You will work with your instructor to identify times that work to take your exam, and your instructor will schedule it here in the library for you.

You must bring a photo ID with you to every exam. If you are more than 15 minutes late for an exam, the exam will be returned to your instructor and they will need to reschedule you. Students may not schedule/change their exam times; all scheduling communication will be done with your instructor.

Questions about creating an accommodations plan, or about your plan specifics should be directed to Dawn Messerschmidt.

Cell Phone /Video Chat Use

The Hamilton Roddis Memorial Library’s policy regarding the use of cell phones attempts to strike a balance between the maintenance of a library environment conducive to research and study, while accommodating the increasing presence of cell phones on campus.

Owners of cell phones are expected to turn telephone ringers off, or to the lowest volume level while in the library. If cell phone use is required, users will be expected to move into the hallway so conversations will not disturb others. Loud conversation is both unnecessary and unacceptable. Use of a headset is expected for patrons who need to listen to audio on personal or library computers and speaker phone or video chat is discouraged.

Reserve Collection

This collection, located behind the circulation desk, includes books, articles, and/or audio and video tapes for short-term reading or viewing as assigned by faculty. Since many students need to access a limited number of copies or materials, fines for overdue items are heavy: 2-hr. loans: $0.10 per hour, per item and $1 per day on 1 day reserves.

Food Policy

In an effort to make the library an inviting and comfortable place for study and research, while maximizing the continuing value of the libraries collections, equipment, and furnishings, the library has a food and drink policy. By promoting responsible user behavior, this policy attempts to achieve a balance between our users' social needs and the need to preserve and protect our collection.

Food is allowed at any of the study tables and carrels, in the conference rooms, and anywhere except by computers. You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself. Food and drink are FORBIDDEN in the Library computer lab. You will be asked to either put things away or move to another lab if you break this policy. If you are a continuing offender, you may have your library privileges revoked.