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The Hamilton Roddis Memorial Library is hosting a Book Club in conjunction with our other 50th Anniversary Campus Festivities. 

Our next book for Spring will be Haven: the dramatic story of 1,000 World War II refugees and how they came to America By Ruth Gruber . Our discussion dates will be Tuesday, March 17th and March 31st. Light refreshments will be served.

Haven by Ruth Gruber

The powerful story of a top-secret mission to rescue one thousand European refugees in the midst of the Second World War
In 1943, nearly one thousand European refugees from eighteen different countries set out on a journey for asylum in the United States. Accompanying them was Ruth Gruber, who with the backing of the United States government, was made a simulated General to escort the refugees on their secret mission across the Atlantic from a port in Italy to a camp in Oswego, New York—a dangerous endeavor that carried the threat of Nazi capture with each passing day.
While on board the ship that was to transport them to America, Gruber recorded the stories of the refugees, and she presents them in vivid detail here. The result is a poignant and engrossing story of suffering under Nazi persecution and bravery in the face of the most overwhelming of circumstances. (Book Jacket)