College for Kids

College for Kids is a week-long camp that allows youth entering grades 3-5 the opportunity to pick their own classes, learn about new and interesting topics, and take part in fun, stimulating activities. The camp consists of 3 different classes scheduled back-to-back every day, Monday-Friday, from 1-4pm. A snack and drink will be provided between classes.

Registration: When registering, indicate top 3 class choices, 2 back-up, and T-shirt size. Class schedules with additional information will be mailed out prior to start date. (If registering online, please call CE with your class choices.) 

Location: Meet in the Helen Connor Laird Theatre Entrance each day for check-in and pick-up.
Fee: $79 (includes 3 classes, T-shirt and snacks)
Course: K471
Note: Some classes have supply fees.  We will bill you separately for any supply fees.

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Hispanic Games & Crafts

Have you ever wondered what kids your age do for fun in other countries?  Do they play color tag or hangman?  Find out in this class!  Learn various fun games from the Spanish speaking world, make crafts and enjoy cultural snacks!
Instructor: Deb Kennedy
Supply Fee: $5

CEO for a Week

Dream of owning your business someday? Well, this week you will! Decide what type of business you wish to have—a doughnut shop? Amusement park? Pet store? Then, plan the events for a grand opening; create a brochure or menu for your business, and more.
Instructor: Kitty Wolf

National Parks

Take a virtual trip to some of America’s most beloved parks, including the Grand Canyon, Hawaii Volcanoes, Carlsbad Caverns and more!  Learn the history and geology of each park and do a different project each day. 
Instructor: Cheryl Pischel
Supply Fee: $5

Everything Egyptian

Explore everything Ancient Egyptian! Discuss the great pyramids, how they were made and what they were used for. Also, cover mummification, hieroglyphics, the sphinx, Ancient Egyptian Gods, and more!
Instructor: Rhonda Smith

A Bug’s Life

What’s the difference between bugs and insects? Find out in this class! Venture outside to collect and identify different bugs in the campus arboretum. Dissect a grasshopper and learn about its different parts and more.

Instructor: Laura Lee
Supply Fee: $8

CFK Olympics

Learn all about the Olympics—from their ancient Greek beginnings to the modern day events. Discuss some of the most famous, record-setting Olympic athletes and hear from a guest Paralympic athlete! Represent a country in various competitions throughout the week, including fun obstacle courses and races.   
Instructor: Rebecca Rucker

The Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth, this class is for you! Put on your chef’s hat and roll up your sleeves! Each day we will be making a different tasty treat. Measure and mix your way through the basics of cooking and enjoy the end products!
Instructor: Candice McGregor
Supply Fee: $8