8 Steps to Great Photos

Learn how to make more compelling images by following the 8 Steps to Great Photos. We will start by getting acquainted with the camera’s frequently used features. Then we’ll explore the 8 Steps to Great Photos, including taking control of the camera and learning to see and think like a photographer.  Please bring your fully charged camera and its instruction manual to class. All camera types and skill levels are welcome. 

(Library Conference Room)
Fee: $79
June 18, 25, July 2, & 9, 10am-noon
Course: C510
Instructor: Barbara Smith

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The Magic of Photoshop

This course covers the essentials for photographers. Learn how to edit your photos from start to finish. Find out how much editing is enough or too much, and how to prepare photos for email, web, and print. We will be using Photoshop CS6, but the basic techniques covered can be used with versions SC3 through CC. Pre-requisite: basic computer knowledge, including handling files, folders and a mouse.

{Library Computer Lab}
Fee: $99
Instructor: Barbara Smith
July 16, 23, 30, & Aug. 6, 1-4pm
Course: C511

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Computer Security: Keeping Yourself Safe

Learn how to keep yourself safe when using your computer. Find out what software is available online and how to protect yourself from malware.

(Room 130)
Fee: $15
Instructor: Matt Krolo
June 23 & 30, 4-5:30pm
Course: C512

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