Join us for an introduction to the basics of iPad navigation and utilization.  Explore the iPad’s various features and general settings.     Learn how to manage apps and notifications.  Discover ways to maximize the use of this device and personal enjoyment with email, the web, calendars, address book contacts, reading, books, downloading and watching TV shows and movies, viewing and sharing photos, and more.

Please note:  this session supports iPad tablets only and is designed for iPad2 and newer.  Please bring your fully charged iPad with you. 

Fee: $59
Tues & Thurs, March 3-5, 7-9 pm                                    
Course: C504
Rm. 131                                                    
Instructor: Charles Treankler

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Please note: this session supports iPad tablets only and is designed for iPad2 and newer

This course is the perfect follow up for those who took iPad Basic or those who have a basic understanding of iPads, but would like to delve deeper.  Topics include more advanced iPad uses as pictures (camera, screen shots, wallpaper, slideshows), browsers (bookmarks, images, searches), and general usage (screen lock, recording, typing tricks).  Also covered will be iTunesU, iBooks, and iCloud.  Please bring your fully charged iPad with you. 

Fee: $59
Tues & Thurs, March 10-12, 7-9pm                                
Course: C505
Rm. 131                                                    
Instructor:  Charles Treankler

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8 Steps to Great Photos

Learn how to take more compelling pictures by following the 8 Steps to Great Photos.  We will start with how the camera works, how to navigate the menu, camera set-up as well as various functions and features.  Take control of your camera and learn to see and think like a photographer.  You will also find out how to avoid the most common mistakes made by beginners.  Please bring your fully charged camera and its instructional manual with you to class. 

All camera types are welcome. 

Fee: $79
Mons, March 9-30, 6-8pm                                                           
Course: C506
Library Computer Lab                                 
Instructor: Barbara Smith

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The Magic of Photoshop

Photoshop is the most powerful image editing program, and this course covers the essentials for photographers.  Learn how to edit your photos from start to finish: organize and review your images in Bridge, enhance them in Camera Raw, and edit them in detail in Photoshop.  Find out how much editing is enough or too much, what artifacts are and how to avoid them, and how to prepare photos for email, web, and print.  We will be using Photoshop CC, but the basic techniques covered can be used with Photoshop versions CS3 through CS6. 

Fee: $99
Tues, April 6-27,  6-9pm                                                      
Course: C507
Library Computer Lab                                
Instructor: Barbara Smith

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There’s an App for That

Recently purchased an iPad, tablet, or smart phone and feeling lost in a world of apps?  Then this class is for you!  Learn what an app is and where they come from.  Find out all that apps have to offer from productivity to entertainment and more.  Determine whether an app is worth getting, how to install and remove apps, and more.

Fee: $29
Thurs, April 16, 7-9pm                                                      
Course: C508
Rm. 131                                                   
Instructor: Charles Treankler

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Light Painting

Grab your digital camera, tripod, and flashlight to create amazing “light painting” photographs.  Usually when taking pictures, we’re looking for the best possible light, but in this class we’ll be looking for low light or better yet complete darkness. 

In this session, you will learn the basics of what it takes to capture light in the dark, creating compositions of light trails, orbs, and light stencils.  The class will take place indoors and will equip you with the tools and techniques you can practice outdoors with family and friends or in an outdoor light painting course this summer. 

Fee: $29
Thurs. May 7, 6-8pm                                             
Course: C509
Rm. 131                                                     
Instructor: Charles Treankler

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