Professional Development

Wisconsin Indians Today

Wisconsin’s social and political landscape is ever changing and Indian Nations and Tribes continue to adhere to their ancestral traditions of keeping the faith with the earth.  Wisconsin Indians Today is a non-credit course, designed to introduce contemporary issues regarding Wisconsin American Indians, placing them within historical context.  This course meets the Department of Public Instruction’s stipulation, to meet the requirements of ACT 31, for out-of-state applicants for Wisconsin licensure.  Wisconsin Indians Today is a four-week course offered completely online.

Instructor: Renee Gralewicz, UW-Fox Valley Associate Professor

Register at or call 920-832-2636, mention CE Network

Fee:  $119

Three session dates:

  • Feb. 2-27, 2015
  • April 6-May 1, 2015
  • July 6-July 31, 2015


Reiki Level IV - Master/Teacher Training

Target audience: Health care workers as OT, PT, SLP, nurses, counselors, physicians, psychologists, and chiropractors, and other individuals interested in obtaining Reiki Level III certification.

Reiki is a Japanese form of stress reduction and deep relaxation which helps strengthen the immune system and promotes healing.  This workshop is designed for those individuals who would like to become a Level IV Reiki Master/Teacher.  Students will receive a Level IV Reiki attunement, which increases their ability to receive and utilize the Reiki energy.  More instruction will be given on how to give an attunement. 

Students will receive an understanding of the essence of being a Master to finish their Reiki Training.  Upon completion, students will receive Reiki Master/Teacher Certification.

Participants must have received Level I, II, & III Reiki training and provide their Reiki Level I, II, & III Certificates prior to taking this workshop. 

Fee:  $450.00
Sat, April 18, 8am-4pm                                                      
Course: F513
Rm: 101                                                       
Instructor: John Oestreicher

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