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Discover the art of fencing.  Open to beginners and ongoing students. Bring your own equipment or attend the first lesson and theinstructor will suggest equipment options (starter sets range from $100-$150).  Course includes six lessons and six free practice sessions.  Must be enrolled to attend free practice sessions. 

Fee: $59   
Tues, 6:30-8:30pm,  Feb. 3-April 21  
Course: F514
Instructor: Matt Carter

  • Lesson Dates: Feb. 3 & 17, Mar. 3, 17, & 31, April 14
  • Free Practices: Feb. 10 & 24, Mar. 10 & 24, April 7 & 21

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Hypnosis for Self-Improvement

People tend to either glamorize hypnosis or label it as useless and discard it; neither extreme is accurate.  Hypnosis is an exceedingly helpful tool and can be a lifelong skill one can rely upon when life presents personal challenges.  This class will explore the power of suggestion and provide an introduction to hypnotic skills.  Discover how you can utilize these skills to help you quit habits and overcome personal obstacles.  The instructor is a licensed psychologist with special training in hypnosis and psychotherapy. 

Fee:  $69
Mons, March 9-30, 6-8pm                                                
Course: F515
Rm. 101                                                 
Instructor: Conrad Christensen

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A Day of Well-Being

Instructor: John Oesteicher

Healthy Sleep

Relaxation expert John M. Oestreicher will teach you how to fall asleep easily and quickly.  Learn to sleep soundly and release the endless monkey mind chatter to create a restful night.  Learn about natural, holistic, and practical techniques that help you develop a calm and peaceful mind for longer and healthier sleep. 

Fee: $30
Sat, April 11, 8:30-10:30am                                               
Course: F516
Rm. 101

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As You Think

This class is about using your thoughts effectively to create the life you want.  You will learn how to recognize what the “Vibrational Universe” is and how it works, to recognize why your life is moving in a certain direction and how to change it, and how to apply the power of intention, to attract everything to you. 

Fee: $30
Sat, April 11, 10:45am-12:45pm                                      
Course: F517
Rm. 101

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Forever Young

Is it possible to reverse the aging process?  Can we grow younger?  In this class, you will learn that it is possible to look, feel, and be younger.  John Oestreicher will present anti-aging studies and learn how other cultures have reversed the aging process.  Learn natural, holistic, and practical techniques that will help you tap the “fountain of youth” that is already within you. 

Fee: $30
Sat, April 11, 1-3pm                                                           
Course: F518
Rm. 101   

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Ballroom Dance

David and Karen Goggin teach these popular dance classes.  There’s a class for every ability level.  All classes are held in the UW-Marshfield/Wood County Commons.  During the winter months, we ask participants to bring a clean pair of shoes. 

Fee: $59 pp
Classes: Mons, March 2-April 6
Lesson and Dance for all:  Fri, Mar. 20, 7:30-10pm

  •  Level I - Beginning Ballroom Dance                         5:50-6:40pm

    Designed for the beginning student, in this course you will develop timing, as well as, leading and following skills.  Learn a variety of patterns in the Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, and Rumba.           Course: F519  
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  • Level II - Ballroom Dance                                                6:45-7:35pm

    Designed for the student who has completed at least one Level I course.  In this course, you will continue to work on developing timing, as well as, leading and following skills.  Dances covered will be the Swing and Foxtrot.  Course: F520  
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  • Level III - Ballroom Dance                                               7:40-8:30p

  • This course is for students who have completed at least three Level II courses.  A variety of patterns will be introduced & dances to be covered include the Rumba and Night Club Two Step.     Course: F521 
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The “Modern Shaman” Workshop

This class emphasizes the core essence of what it is to be a modern shaman.  Learn how to walk between worlds and live in each one.  Discover how to move thru life as an “energy being.”  You will learn how to create everything you want by changing your perception of the world.  Techniques will be given to help heal you.  The instructor is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Modern Shaman.  Certificate of completion will be given. 

Fee: $79
Sat, April 25, 9-2:30 p.m.                                                                            
Course: 522
Rm. 101                                                     
Instructor:  John Oestreicher

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