Basic Conversational Spanish Level I

This course is designed to benefit both the brand-new Spanish learner and the student who had some experience with high school or college Spanish many years ago. Simple, basic Spanish will be taught for those who will find it helpful in the workplace, traveling or for personal enrichment.

Fee: $69
Thurs, Sept. 18-Oct. 236-7:30pm
Course: B501
Rm. 135

Instructor: Deb Kennedy      

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Basic Conversational Spanish Level II

Level II Spanish is designed to benefit both the student with some past experience with Spanish as well as students who have just completed Level I. Class will build on the basics learned in Level I and add many new vocabulary topics, additional grammar tips and verb tenses.

Fee: $69
Tues, Nov. 4-Dec. 96-7:30pm
Course: B502
Rm: 405

Instructor: Deb Kennedy         

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Basic Conversational Spanish IV—New Level!

By popular request, we have developed a fourth level of Basic Conversational Spanish for you! Learn lots of new and useful vocabulary, additional verb tenses, and enjoy lots of practice talking with your classmates!  This class would be beneficial for the students who have completed levels I, II, and III or who used to be proficient in Spanish and would just enjoy a chance to refresh your skills! 

Fee: $69
Tues, Sept. 16-Oct. 21, 6-7:30pm
Course: B504
Rm. 409

Instructor: Deb Kennedy

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Spanish Chat Class “New and Improved”

The exact topics for discussion will be determined by those who attend the class but will include: get to know you conversations, travel and shopping conversations as well as viewing a familiar film in Spanish and discussing it in Spanish.  Optional class components could involve native speakers and cultural experiences. 

Fee: $69
DATE CHANGE: Mons, Nov. 3-Dec. 8, 6-7:30pm
Course: B503
Rm. 405
Instructor: Deb Kennedy

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Introduction to German

German is a widely spoken language.  This introduction to standard High German will provide you with a basic vocabulary and introduction to elementary grammar.  You will acquire a basic vocabulary of 600 words.  It will lay a solid foundation for further study with an intermediate course offered in spring 2015. 

Fee: $59
Weds, Oct. 15-Nov. 5, 6-8:30pm
Course: B505
Rm. 125

Instructor: Michael Miller

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