*All classes held at Gymnastics Training Center, 2209 W. Spencer St., Marshfield, WI  (Orbital Building belonging to Center City Church)

Gym Turtles: Parent & Child

Calling all parents with children 18 mo.-4 years! Come and enjoy 45 minutes of exploration and movement with your child. Class will include group warm-up activities, creative dance and gymnastics skills to develop body awareness and gross motor skills in an environment appropriate for toddlers.

Fee: $35                              
Instructor: Kristi Kubs
June 30-July 28, Tues. 9:45-10:30am
Course: K585

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Gym Turtles: 4 & 5 Year Olds

This class is specifically for youth ages 4&5. It is the perfect introduction to the sport of gymnastics. Class includes a group warm-up and fun activities designed to increase body awareness and develop basic gymnastics skills.

Fee: $35                  
Instructor: Kristi Kubs
June 30-July 28

  • Tues. 9-9:30am; Course: K586  OR
  • 4-4:30pm; Course: K587

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Base Program (Ages 4 & Up)

Designed to further the physical development of children ages 4 and up. All sessions are co-ed and will explore the basics on vault, bars, beam, and floor mat. Each class is divided into smaller groups within age and ability levels allowing for individual progress.  Each session consists of 5 classes. You may take more than one session at a time.

Fee: $35/session
Instructors: Danielle Joyce & Karey Truhlar

Base Program: July 6 - August 5

  • Mon. 5-5:45pm (all ages)  K589
  • Mon. 6-6:45pm (ages 7+)  K590
  • Wed. 5-5:45pm (all ages) K591
  • Wed 6-6:45pm (ages 7+)  K592

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Base Camp (Ages 6-12 Years)

If you love gymnastics, this is the camp for you! Spend 2 hours in the gym practicing gymnastics drills, learning new skills, building increased strength and flexibility and having fun!

Fee: $65                               
Instructor: Allie Dryer
August 3, 4, 6, & 7, 10am-noon
Course: K593

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Pre-Team & Team Summer Camps

Prepare for the upcoming season! Competitive gymnasts ages 7-18, on any pre-team, club team, middle or high school team, will enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills, improve conditioning, work stations and drills, enjoy gymnastics games, and more!

Bring a sack lunch, snack, and plenty of drinks!

Fee: $145(club)/session
Fee: $160(all others)/session
Includes: T-Shirt

  • Camp Session I: Mon.-Fri., June 22-26, 10am-2pm
    •  (Club) Course: K595
    • All Others:  K638
  • Camp Session II: Mon.-Fri., August 10-14, 10am-2pm
    • (Club) Course: K596
    • All Others:  K639

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Magic Team Nights (All Levels)

Marshfield Area Gymnastics Club (MAGiC) Team is a competitive gymnastics club. Designed to maintain and build skills for the competitive participant, focusing on routines, advanced skills and conditioning.

Fee: $145  
Instructors: Team Coaches
Tues. & Thurs. July 6-Aug. 6,  6-8pm
Course: K594

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Team Mini-Camp

2 days of focused skill practice and fun activities.  Choose the session of your current level.

Fee: $45              
Instructor: Allie Dryer        

  • Levels 2-4: Big Bar Skills & Summer Saultos: July 8-9,  12:30pm-2:30pm, Course: K597
  • Levels 5 & up: Flipping & Twisting Vaults; Bar Releases: July 8-9, 10am-noon, Course: K598

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Team Skill Days

Focus on one event each day. Perfect skills you have and work “level up” skills. Fun drills and activities. Choose the session of your current level.

Fee: $60
Instructor: Allie Dryer
August 3, 4, 6, & 7

  • Levels 2-4,  12:30-2pm, Course: K599
  • Levels 5 & up, 2-3:30pm, Course: K600

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Optional Routine Requirements

High School and Club Levels 6 & up.  Learn the options of required skills for your level. Pick what will score highest in your routines as you put them together.             

Instructor: Allie Dryer

  • Fee: $15:  July 28, 6-8pm, Course: K601
  • Fee: $15: Aug. 25, 6-8pm, Course: K602

*If you sign up for both courses, you’ll receive a $5 discount. (2 courses = $25) Course: K640

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