*All classes held at Gymnastics Training Center, 2209 W. Spencer St., Marshfield, WI  (Orbital Building belonging to Center City Church)

Gym Turtles: Parent & Child

Calling all parents with children 18 mo-4 yrs. old!  Come & enjoy 45 minutes of exploration and movement with your child. Class will include group warm-up activities and creative dance to develop body awareness and gross motor skills in an environment appropriate for toddlers.

Fee: $39          

Thurs, 9:30-10:15am  

  • Session I:  Jan 29-March 5; Course: K543
  • Session II:  March 12-April 23 (No class  April 2); Course: K544
  • Session III: April 30-June 4; Courses: K545

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Gym Turtles: 4 & 5 Year Olds

This class is specifically for youth ages 4 and 5.  It is the perfect introduction to the sport of gymnastics.  Class includes a group warm-up and fun activities designed to increase body awareness and develop basic gymnastics skills. 

Fee: $39

Thurs,  9:00-9:30am

  • Session I: Jan 29- March 5; Course: K546
  • Session II: March 12-April 23 (No class  April 2);  Course: K547
  • Session III: April 30-June 4; Courses: K548

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Base Program (Ages 4 & Up)

This class is for any boy or girl who has little to no gymnastics experience.  Groups will be divided by age/skill level.  Students will learn the basics while being exposed to new equipment and drills.  This class should be taken more than once for skill mastery.  Each session consists of six classes.  Sign up for one or both sessions. 

Fee: $39/session (No class 3/30-4/1 & 5/25)

Ages 4 & up - Base Program   

  • Jan. 12-Feb. 18   
    • Mons, 5:5:45pm - K549     
    • Wed, 5-5:45pm - K552
  • March 2 -April 15 
    • Mons, 5-5;45pm - K550               
    • Wed, 5-5:45pm - K553
  • April 27-June 8  
    • Mons, 5-5:45pm  - K551
    • Wed, 5-5:45pm - K554

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Base Program (Ages 7 & Up)

This class is designed for students ages 7 and up to further physical development and to prepare for future competitive gymnastics.  Each class is divided into smaller groups based on age and ability level.  Students will explore the fundamentals on vault, bar, beam, and floor while developing the strength necessary to be successful in gymnastics training.  The class should be taken more than once for complete skill mastery.  Each session consists of six classes.  Sign up for one or both sessions. 

Fee: $39/session

(No class 3/30,4/1 & 5/25)

Ages 7 & up - Base Program    

  • Jan. 12-Feb. 18, 
    • Mons, 6-6:45pm -  K555  
    • Weds, 6-6:45pm - K558
  • March 2-April 15,
    • Mons, 6-6:45pm  - K556                
    • Weds, 6-6:45pm - K559
  • April 27-June 8 
    • Mons, 6-6:45pm - K557   - Registration Closed, Course Full
    • Weds. 6-6:45pm  - K560 - Regisration Closed, Course Full

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This class meets two days a week and is by invitation only.  This class is for the gymnast who has mastered the basic skills on all four competitive events.  In preparation for competition, gymnasts will learn the compulsory routines, and more advanced conditioning and flexibility skills.  This class will need to be taken more than once. 

Fee: $145 (no class 5/25)

  • Mons & Weds, Jan. 12-March 25, 7-8pm; Course: 561
  • Mons & Weds, April 6-June 10, 7-8pm; Course: 562

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Magic Team Gymnastics

Marshfield Area Gymnastics Club (Magic) Team is a competitive gymnastics club.  Designed for the competitive participant, this program focuses on routines, advanced skills, and conditioning.

Dates:  Sept. 9-June 13

  • Level 2 & 3: 
    • Tues & Thurs, 5-6:30pm & Saturdays, 8:30-10am;  Course: K529
  • Level 4 & Up: 
    • Tues & Thurs, 6:30-8:30 & Saturdays, 10-12:15pm;  Course: K530

Program Fee:  Four payments are due on or before 9/9, 11/14, 2/13 & 4/10 or a $25 late fee will be applied.

Payment Due Dates:      9/9         11/14     2/13       4/10

Level 2 & 3                          $200       $200       $200       $200

Level 4 & Up                       $300       $300       $300       $300

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MAGiC Team Skill Days ($10 each)

Skill Days for Pre-Team          Level 3                                  Level 4 & Up

  • Beam: April 18            2-3:15pm, K563                 12:30-1:45pm, K567
  • Floor, April 25             2-3:15pm, K564                 12:30-1:45pm, K568
  • Vault, May 22             4-5:15pm, K565                  5:30-6:45pm, K569
  • Bars, May 29               4-5:15pm, K566                 5:30-6:45pm, K570 

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Middle School Gymnastics

Feb 24,-June 10   Days/Times same as MAGiC

  • Level 2 & 3, Fee: $325; Course: K571
  • Level 4 & Up, Fee: $450;  Course: K572 

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High School Gymnastics

Fee: $415 
March 10-June 10,   Days/Times same as MAGiC        
Course: K573

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Open Gym

Available for Pre-Team, MAGiC Team, Middle School and High School Team gymnasts.  Please sign up in advance to attend all sessions.

Fee: $45/Session or $10 Drop-in
Fridays, April 10-May 15,  4-5:30pm
Course: K574

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