Personal Enrichment

Ready, Set, Retire

(For those near retirement or age 55+)
As the past Chairman, Trustees for Marshfield Clinic Retirement Plan, Dan will give you an unbiased look at what you really need to retire.  No company representatives or sale involved, just answers to your questions regarding future retirement. 

Fee: $19
Wed,   Nov. 12,   7-9pm
Course: B514
Rm. 409

Instructor: Dan Horton
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Robert’s Rules of Order

If you serve on a committee, board, or any governing body, then CE motions you to attend this class.  Learn how to correctly participate in or conduct an effective meeting using Robert’s Rules of Order. Cover the basics and take part in hands-on activities to help you become a meeting master. 

Fee: $19
Wed,   Nov. 19,   7-9pm
Course: B512
Rm. 409

Instructor: James Alexander
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Relive the '60s

In honor of UW-Marshfield/Wood County’s 50th Anniversary, Continuing Education is offering a series of lectures devoted to the decade of the campus’ conception: The 1960s.

Join past and current UW Professors, as we discuss fascinating aspects of the 1960s, including popular music, the women’s movement, inventions & the film industry.

*Attend one lecture for $10 or all four lectures for $30.  Must call in and register to receive discount.

Join us in celebrating our 50th Anniversary with special events open to the community throughout the year. 
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  • 1960s Music: The Rise and Fall of the Monkees

    A wildly popular group in the 1960s, the Monkees garnered fans ranging from teenagers to Timothy Leary.  Find out about the life of these 1960s pop practitioners with a special focus on their little-seen, seldom-remembered feature film, Head. 
    Fee: $10*
    Tue,   Oct. 21,   7-8pm
    Course: B506
    Rm. 131
    Speaker: Mat Bartkowiak
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  • The "F" Word: A Brief History of Feminism & the Women's Movement

    Through an analysis of how the media covered a social movement which began as the movement for social, political, and economic equality of men and women, we will look at how the movement was re-defined and how the word "feminism" came to connote ideas of radicalism, extremism, and anti-Americanism.  Specifically, we will look at the myths and stereotypes surrounding those who identify/identified as feminists and how we as a culture might reclaim this term by deconstructing the misinformation and false narratives surrounding this cultural phenomenon.
    Fee: $10*
    Tue,   Nov. 18,   7-8pm
    Course: B507
    Rm. 131
    Speaker: Kelly Wilz
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  • Progress is our Most Important Product

    Did you know that a woman invented the wireless telephone in the early 1960s?  Other items from that period include the bullet stopping kevlar materials (also invented by a woman); the audio cassette (which led to the eight-track tape), the computer mouse (yes, really) and the bestselling tranquilizing drug of all times, Valium. What do these inventions of forty years ago share in common?  Join us as we explore connections in technology, the ideal of progress, and what our inventions tell us about ourselves. 
    Fee: $10*
    Tue,   Dec. 2,   7-8pm
    Course: B508
    Rm. 131
    Speaker: Jeffrey Kleiman
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  • The Films They Are A-Changin

    Due in part to the gritty scenes coming home from the Vietnam War, the Motion Picture Production Code—essentially film censorship—was shelved in 1968 in favor of broader expression and a ratings system.  This immediately gave birth to heretofore inconceivable levels of violence and frank sexuality.  The film industry and the ratings system have continued to evolve, challenging viewers and shaping society in unexpected ways.  
    Fee: $10*
    Tue,   Feb. 17,   7-8pm
    Course: B509
    Rm. 131
    Speaker: Julie Tharp
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