Personal Enrichment

Relive the ‘60’s - The Films They Are A-Changin

Due in part to the gritty scenes coming home from the Vietnam War, the Motion Picture Production Code—essentially film censorship—was shelved in 1968 in favor of broader expression and a ratings system.  This immediately gave birth to heretofore inconceivable levels of violence and frank sexuality.  The film industry and the ratings system have continued to evolve, challenging viewers and shaping society in unexpected ways. 

Fee: $10
Tue, Feb. 17, 7-8pm                                                          
Course: B509
Rm. 131                                                                  
Speaker: Julie Tharp

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Cooking with Maple

So, you think maple syrup only goes on pancakes?  Think again.  Join maple syrup producer and owner of the Maple Store, Conrad Christensen as he goes over the many different ways of cooking with maple.  Discover the endless possibilities of cooking with maple syrup-from candy and baked goods, and more.

Fee: $35
Mon, Feb. 23, 6-9pm                                                         
Course: B530
Rm. 135                                                  
Instructor: Conrad Christensen

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So, You Want to Write a Novel...

You’ve got an idea, even written part of a draft.  Now what?  This four-part workshop will help you hone your opening hook, craft a plot that rises to a satisfying climax and resolution, create three-dimensional characters and settings, and keep the reader’s interest throughout.  This interactive workshop is designed for participants who have a popular fiction plot or character idea and are willing to share parts of their work with the group in order to receive group and instructor feedback.  Guidelines for manuscript preparation will be sent to participants before the first session. 

Fee:  $59
Mons, Feb. 23 & March 2-16, 6-7:30pm                         
Course: B531
Rm. 130                                                   
Instructor: Helen C. Johannes

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The Rising Dragon:  The Emergence of China

We hear about China frequently in the news, but just what are China’s goals?  Does she pose a threat or an opportunity for the U.S.?  This class will explore these questions and more as we consider China’s government, economy, and culture.

Fee: $29
Thurs, March 5-12, 6:30-8pm                                          
Course: B532
Rm. 125                                                                
Instructor:  Chris Kroh

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Severe Weather, From Synthesis to Safety

Join Wake Up Wisconsin Meteorologist, Justin Loew for an in-depth review of common, severe weather phenomena that occur in Wisconsin including tornadoes, derechos, lightning, and hail.  Also covered will be the evolution of severe weather safety including myths and changes to protocols.

Fee: $15
Mon, March 9,  4:30-5:30pm                                            
Course: B533
Rm. 131                                     
Instructor: Meterologist, Justin Loew

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Tomato Grafting

Have you been hearing about “grafted tomatoes” or “tomato trees” that are very productive and disease resistant?  Maybe you enjoy the heirloom tomatoes, but do not grow them because of the disease issues they can have.  Tomato grafting has been occurring in not just tomatoes, but a wide variety of vegetable crops for many years.  In this session, we will explore the benefits of grafting vegetables and the steps to accomplish this.  Each participant will be able to graft four tomato plans to take home and eventually plant in their own garden to reap the rewards at harvest time.

Fee: $19
Rm. 135                                              
Instructor: Teri Lessig, UW-Extension

  • Session 1: Tues, April 7, 6pm-7:30pm; Course: B534
  • Session 2: Tues, April 14, 6-7:30pm;  Course:B535

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SpaceBots Expedition (Robotics)

We’ve all seen robots in movies and on television performing tasks that range from the mundane to the extraordinary.  We often fail to recognize how robots and automated systems are already doing work for us and helping make our lives more convenient.  NASA already uses robotics technology to a great extent in its exploration of space.  Through this live videoconference, you will learn about NASA’s use of robots from professionals who are designing and building the robotic systems that will help humans explore the universe. 

Fee:  $15
Thurs, April 9 OR 16, 4-5pm                                            
Course: B536
Rm: 468      
Instructors: NASA Johnson Space Center professionals

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Basics of Selling on eBay

During this course, you will receive an introduction to eBay and PayPal along with setting up accounts with both sites.  You will learn the basics of becoming an eBay seller which includes how to research your items, prepare an effective listing, set pricing, and write descriptions that improve your selling power, and the process for completing the sale.  This information will be taught by an eBay Education Specialist with official eBay training. 

Fee: $55 (includes workbook)
Mons, May 4 & 11, 6:00-8pm                                            
Course: B537
Rm. 130                                                            
Instructor: Steve Votava

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Lecture Series Topics in Bioethics

($39 per course; select all 3 for $87)

Rm. 131, Instructor: William Simkulet



Advances in medical technology in the past century raise many moral questions regarding patient freedoms and doctor responsibilities for terminal and elderly patients, including euthanasia and quality-of-life issues.  This session explores the moral challenges with these new medical technologies.  We will examine the limits of patient freedom and professionals’ moral responsibility regarding issues towards the end of a patient’s life.

Mons, March 30 & April 6, 6-8pm                                  
Course: B538

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In this session, learn about competing moral theories regarding abortion and its practical implications.  The debate about abortion is, ultimately, a debate about what is acceptable to kill and when.  This session examines some of the most influential theories in the abortion controversy, and the practical, social, and moralimplications of leading views.

Mons, April 13 & 20, 6-8pm                                                
Course: B539

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The Free Will Debate

This session explores some of the most influential theories in the free will debate which is one of the most important debates in philosophy.  The question of what free will is, and whether we have it plays a central role in our lives-in how we think of ourselves and others, how we treat criminals and animals, and in how we choose to live our lives.

Mons, April 27 & May 4, 6-8pm                                       
Course: B540

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