Student Organizations

Your college experience is not limited to what takes place in the classroom. UW-Marshfield/Wood County has student organizations which complement our academic offerings by helping you grow socially, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.

Student Government

The Student Government is the official student governance body on campus. Visit the Student Government page for meeting dates, forms, club handbook and more.  
Advisor: Ashley Masephol


This campus literary booklet is published in the spring. It contains student essays, short stories, photographs, poetry art and more. Please contact the advisors for more information.
Advisors: Marta Rusten and Samuel Clark


"Insight" is the UW-M/WC campus newspaper that publishes monthly, and is written and produced by students. Opportunities for reporters, photographers and graphic designers are available.

International Club

International Club is open to all members of campus who are interested in learning about new cultures and sharing their own. We get together weekly to plan trips around Wisconsin and other nearby states, host cultural events, and plan ethnic cuisine potlucks and parties! We also enjoy the occasional country/city presentations by our members, and enjoy hosting cultural events on campus, such as Chinese New Year.  
Advisor: Emery Bork

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

The purpose of this group is to deepen and strengthen the spiritual life of its members through Bible study, prayer and fellowship. Visit IVCF's club page. 
Contact: Jessica Brinkman 
Advisor: Jan Cain

Japanese Culture Club

Bring a little of Japan to Central Wisconsin with this club that celebrates Japanese culture. Annual events the club participate in include: Cultural Fair, candy sales, Food For Thought, Anime Convention and T-shirt sales.
Advisor: Jeff Verona


Whether you're an accomplished musician, or have always wanted to be one, we have an instrument or vocal program for you. Our students have plenty of opportunities to perform and share their talents with others in our theaters.
Advisor: Richard Brunson

Sigma Kappa Delta

Sigma Kappa Delta is the English honors society for two-year colleges.  To be eligible, students must have completed 12 hours of college credit with at least a B+ average.  Students also cannot have received a grader lower than a B in any English course.   

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are a group of 6-8 students who share their positive attitude and knowledge about the campus with prospective students, their parents and the community to promote the campus at a variety of events.  A minimum of 30 hours is required.  Must be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.  Ambassadors are chosen annually, and may serve as an Ambassador multiple years.  Apply to become a Student Amassador.  

Students Opposing Acts of Prejudice (SOAP)

An organization to raise awareness regarding acts of prejudice and the effects thereof. The club works to establish a sound understanding of the problems revolving around these acts and moves to combat them. They provide a safe environment for victims of discrimination to voice concerns and promote healthy relationships between people of all backgrounds. 

Success Center

The purpose of the organization will be to promote learning, understanding and support for the students of UW-Marshfield/Wood County.
 Marsha Oberg

Theatre Arts

All the world's a stage - including UW-M/WC! Our theatrical productions are famous throughout the area. Our students have the chance to act on either our thrust stage theatre or our Black Box theatre.  
Advisor: Damian Ernest

Vets Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide a space or environment for military past and present, friends, family and allies to discuss and assist each other with any and all academic and personal issues.