Additional Fees

Campus-Based Course Fees

Additional Course fees
Course/Materials Fee Amount
EDU 220 $ 10 course fee
ART 101, 102 and 111 $ 15 course fee (each)
ART 175 $ 35 course fee
MUS 173 $ 40 course fee
GEO 125 $ 55 course fee
HES 150 $ 700 course fee
Application Fee $ 44

*The total fee listed in the Fee Schedule includes a $3 remittance to the United Council of University of Wisconsin Student Governments (UC). This refundable fee was authorized by the Board of Regents and approved by a student referendum. If you wish to obtain a refund, you may request it by writing to: United Council, 8 Mifflin St., Room 203, Madison, WI 53703. This fee is assessed one time each semester. If you add a course after paying your fees, you are not subject to paying the UC fee again.

Audit Only Tuition

  • Wisconsin Residents Age 60 or Older - Normal per credit academic fees waived.
  • Residents (Minnesota reciprocity) - $59 per credit.
  • Nonresidents - $244 per credit.
Audit students are required to pay Special Course Fees, if included in the class for which they are enrolled. Audit fees do not apply when a combination of audit and credit courses are taken.  Credit fees will then apply.

Students taking a combination of credit and audit courses will be charged the full per-credit rate. (Audit fees shall be removed for all disabled Wisconsin residents who are receiving federal old-age survivors and disability insurance benefits (OASDI) under 42 USC 401 to 433 except lab fees, etc.) Wisconsin residents who are 60 years of age or older as of the first day of the semester may audit courses without charge if this will not result in additional laboratory or instructional costs. These students, if combining audit and regular credits, pay Tuition and fees for the regular credits only.


Contact Tuition Services, 715-389-6536, or stop in Room 166 in the A.G. Felker Student Center.

Note: UW-Marshfield/Wood County DOES NOT send out bills. You must check your PRISM account summary or call Tuition Services at 715-389-6536.