Adult Student FAQs

Will I be able to fit college into my busy life?

We know adult students have many responsibilities including jobs and family. That’s why we offer flexible part-time, full-time and accelerated online/evening classroom options. Our caring, admissions staff will help you choose the option that is right for your busy life.

Will I feel out of place in college as a returning adult student?

Not at all! More than 20% of our total enrollment is made up of adults. That’s why our programs are tailored to meet the needs of adult students, with small class sizes, approachable faculty and a comfortable study environment.

What is tuition?

UW-Marshfield/Wood County offers a quality University of Wisconsin education at a lower tuition than any of the four-year UW campuses or online campuses. Visit Tuition, Fees & Due Dates for more information.

As an adult student, will I be able to afford going back to college?

Almost half of our students receive financial aid in the form of grants, loans and scholarships. Our knowledgeable Financial Aid Specialist Dawn Messerschmidt is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the process. Please call her for an appointment at (715) 384-1717 or send an email to Dawn Messerschmidt.

How do I apply and how will I know which classes to take?

We have an adult checklist to help guide you through the process. And when it comes time to register for classes, our specially trained Student Affairs advisors will be happy to advise you on the classes that help you meet your academic goals. You can request an appointment by calling 715-389-6530 or emailing

I haven’t taken classes in years. Are “refresher” classes available in math and English?

Yes! First, we offer online or in-person placement tests to determine your educational level. Then, our academic advisors will match you up with the class level you need. Once in your class you can seek help from an enthusiastic and supportive team of tutors to ensure your success every step of the way.

What about the credits I earned at another college? Will they transfer?

Many credits earned at other colleges and technical schools will transfer to UW-Marshfield/Wood County. First, students are asked to have official transcripts sent to us. Then, a registrar makes an official evaluation. In most cases, UW’s Transfer Information System will be able to predict which credits transfer.

What is an Associate Degree?

This valuable degree encompasses the liberal arts and is the foundation for many majors. An Associate Degree helps you become a better thinker and leader; it speaks of advanced skills to employers and documents an important accomplishment in your education.

Can I earn a Bachelor’s Degree right here in Marshfield?

Yes! UW-Marshfield/Wood County offers four Bachelor’s Degree programs on campus.

You can earn:

  • a Bachelor Applied Arts and Sciences with an emphasis in Community Health and Wellness from UW Colleges in partnership with UW-Stevens Point
  • a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies through UW-Stevens Point
  • a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from UW-Platteville
  • a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing through UW-Eau Claire

Learn more about Bachelor's degree options at UW-M/WC.

Contact Student Affairs if you have more questions.